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You are an alien species sent across the galaxy in search of new planets to take over. As you kill the inhabitants of each planet you will grow up. Eventually gaining the ability to spawn other aliens. Starting with basic aliens that will help increase your spawning ability.


Updates are currently being worked on. Showing your support would be greatly appreciated. Any feedback is welcome.


Bug Fix Update(2016-11-03) Fixed the alien eggs not hatching.

Bug Fix Update(2016-10-24) Hopefully optimized the Fungi stage for some users. Added a movable camera for the fungi stage (Arrow Keys to move, C to center the camera back onto the main mushroom). Changed the Alien stage (Larvae now require to eat trees just like you to evolve). Carnivore spawn rate and cap increases once you become a queen in the Alien stage.

New Update!(2016-10-18): Added mouse functionality to most menus, Added a level selection menu, Changed the title screen,

Added a new race and level. Also added a secret ability (Press different buttons and pay attention carefully. It can mean the end of a level or the completion of one.) Have fun! :D


Explained in the Readme and the Game.

Rise of the Species Known Bugs:

The new fungi update may be unable to be played on a toaster.

Thank you for checking out the page and I hope you try out the game.

The game is developed in GameMaker: Studio. Sounds are made in BFXR and the music is pre-made tracks put together in Soundation.

More information

Published150 days ago
Average durationA few minutes
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Extract the file into a folder and click the Rise of the Species.exe to run it.


Rise of the Species(Funguys 1.5).zip (33 MB)

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